The company V.B. Fresagem, SA. is dedicated to the supply of milling services for the molds and metalworking sector. Its capacity comprises the machining of small and medium size parts, in several materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, wood and nylon.

A VB Fresagem S.A.  is a public limited company with headquarters in Marinha Grande. The company started its activity in 1991 and is specialized in the supply of services for the mold sector, more specifically in milling.

As a service provider for milling for the mold and metalworking sector, VB Fresagem S.A. is committed to effectively meet the requirements and needs of customers and continuously improve its organization through the quality management system.

Currently the company relies on a young and dynamic team, where the involvement of employees in the search for creative and innovative solutions, provides improved productivity, profitability and turns the company more competitive at all levels.

VB Fresagem S.A. is committed to bring the same management principles and values to their international markets, with the same priority on customer satisfaction.


VB Fresagem S.A. holds fundamental values such as: Humility, Honesty, Accuracy and the sense of Responsibility of all those who are involved in the mission and vision of our company.

VB Fresagem S.A. recognizes and appreciates the respect and ethics in human relationships and activities, the spirit of teamwork, the dynamism and initiative of its employees in the continuous quest for improvement of the organization.


The reason for our existence is to provide a high quality machining service to the mold and metalworking industries, fully meeting the needs and expectations of the customer.


Belong to the main market players and be the reference supplier in our market, thus providing continuous improvement of our organization.